He's not calling? should I wait?

last time we hung out we told me he'd be busy during the week/ weekend (I don't totally remember what he said) so I just told him to call me. it's been 8 days and I haven't heard from him (I haven't tried to get in touch with him either). I've known him to wait like a week before, but this is frustrating since we just started seeing each other after stopping for quite a while (I was away). he has acted very interested, been incredibly nice and attentive, we clearly have a connection because he was the one to make the effort to come back into my life. I used to be the one to do the initiating, and I don't want to be in that position anymore, but I'm getting sick of waiting for him. we've hung out three times. I know he told me he was going to be busy, I just feel like this is a long time but aka could be paranoid. we have a really great time together and it's not just about sex

  • wait it out, he's probably gonna call if he made an effort to get back in touch in the first place
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  • you should just call him, maybe he's insecure
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  • I'd just forget him
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I reeeeeally think he should call this time, I was the one to call before, he was delighted that I called, but still
why would he call me so much t try to get back in touch if he didn't want to try again?


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  • I'd wait if I were you and if he's still being a wuss then dump him.

    • how long should i wait though?

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    • 2 seems like such a long time

    • It is. Try to get your mind off of it by getting busy with other useful things; it'll help a bit.

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