I've got a crush on 3 guys, but love my ex; what do I do?

My ex and I broke up a while ago because of his drug habits, and it's been hard to move on. Since then, I've been going out and meeting new people, leading to new crushes.

Guy #1: we've met up twice, the first time being an introduction by a mutual friend. He was sweet off the bat, and I was horrifyingly nervous around him. Second time we hung out was at a festival; he had my number and called, saying he wanted to hang out. He basically called/texted me until I got there, asking me "where are you? Are you here yet?" And other similar things. When we met up he seemed more animated and comfortable, often hovering around me and trying to involve me with his friends. The friend who introduced us says he may be taken.

Guy #2: we went to school together for 5yrs. He's a great guy, and I have liked him in previous years. Only recently. We started talking and hanging out. I invited him to my bonfire tomorrow and he said he'd come, asked if I ever tried Molly, and said he'd bring me some to try--for just me and him before the party, meaning he wants to hang out. I flirted more openly with him and said he was cute and suddenly he started talking more and using emojis a lot.

Guy #3: he's a drummer for a local band who invited me to one of his shows and to a party via facebook. When he first saw me arrive he came straight up to me and introduced himself and said he was glad that I could make it. after the show he invited me to another show and said he drive me there and back. Later he randomly asked how old I was;that's when I told him about my birthday party tomorrow he said he would come.

Then of course is my ex. We've been through a lot together together for two years, and even now we are still some of the closest of friends. He says it's not my fault we broke up, but his, and that I made him as happy as I possibly could have. Just recently, we actually had sex, and we acted as if we were still a couple.

So what do I do?

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  • I voted none of the above because if you ask our opinion about who to go out with, it means that you are really confused. This is your choise and we can't decide for you. You have broke up with your ex, you know he's into drugs, but you still want him, even though you see other guys as well. In my opinion, don't talk to your ex until you don't have feelings for him anymore. If you really want him, though, tell him you 'll be with him if he seeks professional help and stops drugs. Also don't go out with any boys, because if you still have feelings for your ex it won't work out. Do something else to occupy yourself, don't start dating yet.

    • Pretty much sums up my answer

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    • At this exact moment I have. I'm so done with that piece of shit after all the crap he pulled. sleeping with me after I took him off the streets and took care of him while he's homeless, only to find out he's been seeing this skank since the DAY we broke up AND telling her he loves her? What the hell! He's gone!

    • Still, I'd advice to let some time pass to go out on a date with someone else. Just hang out with those boys but don't actually try to date anyone and see how it goes. After a while you'll be sure who you want and then you 'll be ready to date. It should come naturally to you. If you think about it too much, then you are not ready yet. And the fact that you like them all means you have no serious feelings for any of them (yet).

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  • You shouldn't go for anyone right now. It's not fair to date someone when you can't give yourself fully to them because you are still trying to get over your ex. You need to give it some time.

    • Fortunately, I'm done with that asshole after everything I found out today. He's a piece of shit, and is now out of my life.

What Girls Said 1

  • guy #1 & 3 are definitely not a choice. You dont know them as well as guy #2 and your ex..

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