Should I be mad that , what should I do?

okay so my boyfriend is turning 18 and he wants to throw a party and his parents agreed he should and I agree too. parents said he can invite whoever he wants. I am grounded and I can't go sadly... but his dad is friends with my bfs ex girlfriends fathers and basically his ex girlfriends are going and they are clingy to him... basically what im asking is should I be mad that his ex gf is going and he still going to throw the party.. what should I say to him?
P. S he says he doesn't like being around his ex gf, then wtf do u still wanna f***** party?


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  • It's not his fault you're grounded, or at least not that we know of.
    He is going to have a party because it's his birthday and you not going is probably disappointing to him too, not only you.

    He won't be alone with the exes, so it's not like they're going to get a lot of alone time together. Plus, you said he doesn't really like being around her, but that they're invited because of other people knowing each other.

    Maybe try to convince your parents to let you off the hook for that one night, since it's your boyfriend's 18th birthday party.
    And try not to worry about them going to the party... there's really nothing to be done about it and he'll be surrounded by tons of other people anyway.


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  • It's his birthday party, don't forget that. You must allow him to enjoy his birthday party, even though it's hard and you will feel jealous.
    Remember, if you make problems and ruin his birthday, that is the worst outcome.
    I'm sad you can't be there but you will need to encourage him to enjoy his party and he will appreciate this and look forward to seeing you afterwards.
    It's mostly out of your control so you must encourage the best outcome and then hopefully nothing will go wrong.

  • Give him the cold shoulder.


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