Should I call or text her after I got her number?

I have a crush on my zoology lab partner at university. We've been talking quite a lot since the beginning of semester- joking around and making her laugh and smile. This past week I managed to ask her whether she'll be free to hang out since the coming weeks would be loaded with assignments and exams are coming as well. She said she could not make it because of her assignment schedule and we've got a practical exam next week as well. So i changed the topic and asked her when he final exam would be and It was on the same date as mine- the 4th of November which is a month away. So I told her maybe we could hang out after exams. She said ok, then I asked for her number and she gave it to me and I gave her mine as well. i told her that I will be in touch after exams. So,

Should I contact her during the coming weeks although with assignments and exams coming up?

Should I call her instead of texting?

Should I wait till the 4th of November to contact her after exams?

Should I even call her just to wish for her exams?


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  • Just give her space until November 4th


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