How to entice my neighbour?

I have a super gorgeous neighbour who I really like, and I really want him to like me back!!! BTW- he can see (from his bedroom) into my kitchen and back yard. He is 16-17, and I am 14 :) How do I entice him? xx Thanks!!!


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  • let him catch you watching him and the shyly turn away several times. He'll get the message. When I was 15.. that is how I got my sexy neighbor as my boyfriend, and eventually fiancĂ©. Good luck. Oh and always look your best!

    • haha thanks!!! But he NEVER looks at me!!! I hardly ever see him either!!! I always look my best around the house- but he still hasn't made a move :(

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    • ok :) I'm not pretty or skinny or anything sadly, but I'll try!!!

    • did I mention.. you have to be confident too!!! stop with that crap... just imagine you.. yourself as you are as the ideal type that everyone wants to be like. The mind is a powerful thing. Don't waste it on negativity!. GOodluck... go get your man!

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  • Dress in a cute outfit for him, and make sure you can get him to see you. When he does, look away and sneak a peek back. If he is still staring, he is interested.

  • He is too old for you I think.


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  • Peel an onion, works every time

  • I think that you are a bit too young to be checking out guys. Give it 2 to 4 years. I don't think 16/17 year old guy would be interested in a 14 year old. I once was 14 and I used to do some stupid things to impress my crush, which I regret now. I wish that I didn't care about boys during my early teens. But trust me, time will go by fast.

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