Do girls like it when you drop unexpected? it turns you on? or?

so if a girl somehow puts the ball in your backyard by saying well im alone, and seems to be shocked when you say, well im not here this weekend, is she inviting you over, should you call first or just drop by, ring her doorbell, what can of hazards could be attached to that, or just send a message, what will you do this evening? if she says, nothing, just drop by... or even then ask her if she wants you to drop by... its confusing, she makes an insinuation, that she doesn't want to be alone, and we dated before, but if i ask her, she could change her mind


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  • I think it's better to ask and don't go to her house unexpected. It's more polite and you don't know her that much to do that. Also, women like to look good in front of men they like, so, she won't like it if you go unexpected and she's a mess.

    • well actually i do, we dated in july, we were sort of bf/gf , we were very intimate, and she was really into me, i know she has feelings for me, her actions dont add up with her words, but currently she is in a relationship with a guy, she knew longer, but she has a relationship with him in less then 2 weeks. it doesn't really look like she loves him, she is pressured, and feels its easier with this guy, because he speaks polish, i dont, she speaks a bit of german, but language never was an issue before... her mom told her she needs to find a guy, she has been alone to long, she is a single mom btw. so her actions, as in my details above, aren't exactly that of someone who still hasn't any feelings left for me

    • Ok so just go and surprise her!

    • i will , tomorrow, i wait for her to be ready from work, i drop by 10 minutes later or so, and ring her doorbell, i tell her its me, and ask her how she is doing. invite her over, get ready ill wait downstairs, if she says maybe or no, ill tell her, ok im in town right now, im here for 1 hour, call me or else ill go... home

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  • if you guys are really close then sure drop by and it could be a really sweet gesture or a really awesome surprise... i personally would like a bit of warning and would be a bit uncomfortable with it if someone came over unexpectedly

    • the situation is one big mess, I've dated her before, and we were intimate. In july, then she went on a vacation, for 18 days. in the beginning sending me many pictures and texts, she was really into me.. then the day she got back i received a text, that we aren't allowed to be together. 6 weeks I've been trying to get her to talk, she seemed willingly but in the end she didnt. she acted hot and cold towards me, flirting once, ignoring me, then sometimes looking me deep into the eyes or turning her head around. then 1 day i really had it, i was a bit upset, after trying to talk to her agian invane. i posted on FB that i didn't deserve this, and i thought it was time to move on. 1 day later she texted me, that she did read my text, even when i almost directly deleted it. i didn't respond to it, next day, another text, bit angry. didn't respond, them i texted her 2 days later, how you doing, then she blocked me from social media, no real reason... story continues

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    • so we walked around a bit, in town, and we talked, we laughed, she seemed really genuine, later we reached the topic, about us. she told me her mom was telling her to get a bf again, and that her daughter doesn't like to many men. later, her kid told me , her mom had a bf in poland. yet judging her reaction she didn't really seem in love, even now she said, she wasn't sure, she rather is alone. i know she still has feelings for me. the 2 keychains she got from me, well her daughter threw them away in the garbage, when we walked to her house, the keychain was on her set of keys. she told me she was alone, her daughter is a. t. m, in poland. yesterday i asked her what are you doing, she told me that i can't come to her place, its not a no. so i texted her later on, you can come to me as well. not a yes or a no, then i said we have monday, Tuesday and wednesday. she said hmmmmm to that. she wants to see me right? but its like she wants me to convince her, Monday i ring her doorbell

    • and tell her, if she lets me in, listen come to my place, i know you want to see me, we are both alone, lets have a good time. get ready ill wait for you, or tomorrw, ill pick you up, and we will go places no one knows about us. i do it rather personal then calling her, or texting her. she wants me to convince her, she is really confused, i think she loves me but goes for the other guy, being pressured by others, she knows this guy, for longer and now in less then 2 weeks she has a relationship with him, but yet hardly sees him, that doesn't feel right.

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  • Many girls would like to know that you'll stop by so they could make sure they look good.

    • i agree, its what a gentleman would do, i will tomorrow, its time to take the lead and make her remember why she was with me, we never had an argument and all went natural, so shouldn't be with someone just to choose the easy way out. love isn't about speaking the same language,