Im going trough a rough time lately, I dont know what to do?

So i began dating this guy in January so it was a long time ago, we had an amazing time together and suddently he pulled away from me. He didn't live in my town so we didn't see each other often, and when i asked him what was wrong he said he wasn't looking for anything serious because he had no time for committment, which i understood because he had school and he traveled alot.
We didn't speak for 6 months until late August when he contacted me and told me he moved to my town and wanted to meet if i wanted too. I met him and we had an amazing time, no akwardness at all, we went on a walk for hours and had a lot of fun.

He told me i shouldn't hesitate contacting him whenever i wanted to meet up. So when i came home from my vacation last week i texted him asking if he wanted to go on a bike ride, something simple and fun but he said he wasn't able that day because he had to work, so i told him well maybe another day and he said whne the weather is nice and im free ill let you know.

But its been a week and he hasn't contacted me, i know how stupid all this sounds but im so afraid of being hurt again.
I keep analyzing things when i need to let go and live my life, he is a nice guy its not that but im afraid that he is not interested and is playing me. He is moving in December to go work at as a volunteer with refugees so he will be gone soon.

I know im not in love with him but why is it that i crave his attention? Why can't i let go, i want someone badly, im tired of being alone, i know im only 22 but its hard for me to meet men, other than online and tinder,, im tired of those things.

Im afraid of coming off as needy also, the texting about going on a bike ride i felt i was needy and drove myself crazy.


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  • Maybe he isn't looking for a relationship right know. Afterall, he's moving. If you don't love him that much. Your situation is not even that bad... just don't be afraid of letting those you like or love to know WHO you really are. That way they won't find anything aukward in you, because they already expect it and they know they have some awkward things too. I'm not fluent at english, so I'm sorry for any possible mistake.

  • just sounds like he's going to have a busy life, he sounds like the kind of guy where you go everywhere with him even out of state, or the relationship will never happen. don't do internet stuff, it's always better to go look for guys out in the real world.

    • He travels alot. He studies master in politics and was a leader for a international group at tht time so he traveled around europe. So i know he has a busy life, i just dont like to feel i wasn't worth anything

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    • what should i do

    • Do what you feel is right, if you could commit to traveling try to start a relationship with him, if you can't look for someone new.

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