We keep kissing but what does this mean? Very confused!! Guys advice particularly wanted but welcome any opinion :)?

So I've recently relocated for my postgraduate and recently have had a few nights out with classmates and one of the guys and I got a little more than just friendly. At the start of the night he had his arm around me and we ended up kissing. Second night out we ended up kissing again, maybe a little more intensely with a little touching involved too. But I'm just a little confused at what this actually means, I mean we see each other in class and outside of class and we're friendly with each other but there doesn't seem to be any acknowledgement of it being anything more, and I'm just wondering what this means? Is he going to ask me on a date, or is he just hoping I'll eventually ask him to come home with me (which won't happen unless we've been dating and for a while!). I mean in my past experience of this kind of thing, the guy would take my number and either text or not and we would go on a date or not. He seems like quite a shy and reserved kinda guy except when he's had a few drinks and I don't really know what to make of the situation! So any advice on what I should do? Should I say something to him? Stop pulling him when we're out?

Thanks so much for your advice, any is much appreciated :)


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  • Maybe he's just thinking too much. Like he doesn't know the best way to go about the situation either… Some guys take forever to get things going. You can suggest exchanging numbers or hanging out on dates and stuff to speed up the process


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  • Stop being such a girl. Women overthink everything. Guys are very easy to understand as we don't do like women... we do not say or do one thing but have a hundred little hidden meanings in each action.
    obviously he wants something to happen. if he is too shy to talk with you then he is hoping this just continues and he doesn't have to confront it. but the best thing for any couple is open communication. no matter how awkward it feels or how scared you are by it. call him or text him, sometimes it is easier then face to face if your really shy, and tell him your feelings or ask him what his feelings are. But it will be easier for him if he knows you have feelings for him and want this to continue. otherwise he will worry if he tells you he wants more then you will stop doing anything with him.


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