Tinder full of bots?

I was bored one night and browsed around tinder. I noticed that the messages were prostitutes (they wanted "roses") trying to convince me to go to sites.

I was then contacted by one who tried to get me to text her number. I didn't notice the area code and have gotten into the habit of reverse phone searching numbers before I text them due to scams I've seen online. Once I noticed the number was a landline I was too suspcious too text her and I noticed she wouldn't tell me where she was from so I unmatched her. Is this very common on tinder? I may end up getting rid of the app if that's all that is on it.


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  • I'd say ANY website where people are trying to get together, you'll get a lot of that because people there are easier targets, ready to say "okay" because they think they're agreeing to meet someone, or chat with someone, etc.
    They may not be bots, though... just spammers (people).
    The more popular the site, the more spammers.


What Guys Said 1

  • Unfortunately there are a lot of hookers on Tinder, but there are more real people that you would probably never see otherwise.