Girls, if you received this post-party night text?

So I was introduced to this girl whom I spent the night talking to - flirting, teasing the likes. The thing was she was sober and I had had a few drinks so I had excused myself out of kissing her (should have). But we had fun and she gave me her number.

Now I want to hit her up so this was what I was thinking of sending her (note, we played a questioning game that night)...

'Question no. 26. Would you accept the apology of the 'fine' form from the guy that was with you the other night? His dignity is currently lower than the heels you wore that night. Sorry was going to text you yesterday but remembered you were attending a wedding so let you be stunning.'

What do you guys think?

  • It's good although corny but sweet
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  • Telling her she's stunning is half way to being friendzoned
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  • Not good, just a heyyy will do
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  • little too long and the stunning is for sure way too much. no need to be so wordy.


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  • keep it short and simple.

  • Ehh felt a little to corny for me lol. Short and simple and genuine does the trick :)

  • You are a little over the top. We like it when you show interest but this is a little overwhelming. Just be like, hey! i enjoyed talking to you the other night. how was the wedding. Or something along those lines.


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