Uhmmm.. it's been a little while for me on this but I like someone & I really don't know what to do please help?

First of all its been 4 years for me being single & I've tried like 3 or 4 times asking girls & they've been refusing me idon know why so bec of that I lost my confidence so I have stopped asking girls out bec they all been refusing... anyway this one suddenly came out she's a friend & she is single too !! I think that I really like her so much the way she dress , move , her eyes , hair , her strong personatlly... idon know about her maybe she likes me too? So if there's someone would help please I could use it.


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  • i reckon just chat with her! just in a friend way at first, then maybe after a week or two if she seems to genuinely enjoy talking to you start flirting a little to gauge her interest, and if she responds positively to your flirting, ask her out! me personally, i would like to know how well i platonically get along with a guy before things progress any further so just be chill with it at first

    • I'll do my best on this... but do you think if I could take it slow that would be better?

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  • Just try it again, ask her out :) you'll never know unless you try.. good luck :)


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  • Write to her... a poem... has to be from your heart... otherwise she won't feel your emotion.
    See how it goes.. all the best mate.