Would u guys date a girl that use to be fat or be kinda turned off?

A girl who now has a beautiful body and a beautiful personality and caring heart a good sense of humor and gorgeous just a scenario I feel like a girl with that type of past might have a good heart and what if u would have never imagined would it change how u looked at her and if so how?

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  • Of course its all about the present you!


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What Guys Said 2

  • I would feel like the weight has nothing to do with it.

    I would most likely feel like this person describes themselves as having a "beautiful personality," "caring heart," and being "gorgeous," thinks rather highly of themselves. People who would think of or describe themselves in this way aren't usually like that at all.

  • i like chubbier girls by default so... LOL


What Girls Said 2

  • I really don't think it matters.
    I use to be pretty chubby as a kid and they all just laugh when I tell them I used to be fat.

  • i feel like guys care more about how you look/are NOW..

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