Was I stood up? Confused and sad please help?

Been dating this guy for a month. Lately he's been busy and stressed out with work. We had a date planned for this Saturday (today). This date was discussed repeatedly. I wanted to make sure he could go, so we discussed it all week and he insisted he wanted to go today. At one point I even said I could go with someone else if it was too much, but he said he wanted to go today with me. We did not set up a specific time to go. He said "we'll go during the day". It was a Saturday, so I thought it would work itself out. He texted me yesterday (Friday) right before he went to work saying he had gotten out of work at midnight and that he was stressed out. I texted back with something nice and saying I'll see you tomorrow. Well today he texted me at 10am saying it's raining. I texted back saying that yes it's raining and that if it is too much we could go to the festival tomorrow when it won't rain. I NEVER heard back.
I am just really confused because he texted me before bed and first thing this morning but nothing after that. He never did cancel today for sure. I think he cares but I'm just confused and really sad. Thoughts?


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  • Hello, if a guy like you, you will be his bumber one priority. I think he may have lost interest. Sorry


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