Should I ask him to dtr?

I’ve been casually hooking up with this guy for about 6 weeks now, but lately I’ve started to develop feelings for him and I don’t know if he feels the same. We see each other once a week for a few drinks and to hook up. Then he usually stays the night at mine and we just chat and cuddle for hours. The last couple of times he’s been acting slightly differently. He’s been suggesting things for us to actually do together, he’s been randomly texting me to check up on how my assignments are going, and he’s started to kiss me (like just pecks on the lips and forehead) and hold my hand in public. And yesterday when I saw him, he even gave me a really random toy that he’d found in a bar cus he thought I’d like it. I don’t know if all that means anything or if it’s just him hoping to hook up? I actually really like him but don’t want to say so in case it backfires. I suggested that we try just being friends (it seemed like the best option), but he said he didn’t really like that idea and got really offended when I implied he just wants sex. Should I just come straight out and ask him to dtr or should I just break it off before it gets more complicated?

tl;dr: I’ve been hooking up with this guy for a while and have developed feelings but am unsure whether I should ask him to dtr?


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  • Ask him how he would feel about you seeing someone else. Pay careful attention to his reaction and his answer to find out what his intentions are. He seems like he has feelings for you too.


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  • Hopefully he'll grow up and find someone with "class"!!


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