Is it really any point of dating or being in a relationship?

is it really any point of dating or being in a relationship? Most of them end anyway, and both or one of the parts will get hurt. So why not just not date and not feel like crap when it ends? Yeah it may be great when it lasts, but at some point one will get hurt in the end.

I understand that some people want the sex part, but why not just casual sex? I'm not judging or hating, but i'm curious why people want to be in a relationship when they know deep down that its not going to last?


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  • It depends on what you want from a relationship and what you expect. I don't see it as pointless even though I am very cautious and rarely choose to ask a girl out. Every relationship is preparation for marriage in my eyes even if it ends badly.

    I desire a partner who is compatible with me and willing to be my best friend in life. I also desire children so it definitely isn't pointless in that regard. Dating helps a person to find out what type of person they can be happy with.
    It doesn't have to be bitter, drama filled, and bad when it ends all the time. Just take a mature, adult, and intelligent approach to it. Make sure to take a "self-check" every so often and not get too caught up on a person. People often move "too fast" and it causes them problems.


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  • That connection with someone makes most of us want a relationship.

  • Some people do it for religious reasons they hold out and I don't know why woman do this but they think that by holding out that they will get married even if it is obvious that the relationship is not working out. Some people settle in a relationship. Also some people get into relationships because they don't want to end up alone but they still cheat on their partner because they want to explore their options. Dating to me is a really cool game. Also dating is very hard.
    I am very lucky to have met a really nice guy I am dating him and even though we are not a relationship I am glad that there are some good men out there

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