I miss him and love him even more. Help?

So me and him talked to each other daily for the past year. We were crazy about each other and a typical couple, we fought all the time, flirted, made each other happy, helped each other, made each other laugh, missed each other, took decisions together... except we never explicitly said anything. At one point, we kissed and knew we had to make a decision. The reason we never said anything before was because we liked things the way they were. We kissed just before I had to move to another country and the reason we avoided many things is because he is 4 years younger to me. I wanted to avoid falling for him but I did and a 4 year age gap doesn't feel like a good enough excuse to not be with him. However, at the time we thought lets try to stay away from each other for a whule instead of complicating things. So we knew we had to but even that we avoided because it was too hard. At one point I knew I would only fall in love more and more, so I asked for a break. We are in no contact, we talked a little once inbetween but the next day went back to not talking. I just realise how important he is to me and he wasn't even a jerk. He is actually everything I dreamed of.. and more. Thats why I don't know how to let go.. I sometimes wish he was a jerk... would have been easier. Any insight and advice? Thanks:)


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  • First of all, a 4 year gap is NOTHING. It's definitely no reason to avoid dating someone.
    You're 25-29, meaning he's 21-25... that really is nothing. You guys shouldn't be worrying about that AT ALL.

    Now, you said "We kissed just before I had to move to another country" - so you guys no longer live in the same country?

    • Nope and he said we don't have a future. We aren't talking anymore and aren't even friends. it has been a month and i have to move on, with another affirmation that guys just don't like me enough to commit to me

    • I'm so sorry to hear that!
      It doesn't mean GUYS don't like you enough, just that THIS guy wasn't into it.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • This is a tough one to answer. You have too much of feelings for him.

    • Well I can handle a tough answer, what would be your opinion. To let go and move on? Or to somehow try and make it work? Or is that wrong, because he is younger to me?

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  • Well I know my answer maybe a bit late now.. But Absence makes the heart fonder.. If I had read this question 24 days ago I would of told you to move on and find someone else.. Find someone else so your occupied (hmm occupied might not be a good choice of words) but you know what I mean right.. I doubt it's got anything to do with guys not wanting to commitment with you.. If you know what you want get it.. Don't sit back and wait for the farewell train to come by..

    • Thanks! I have started moving on. I'm alright without him but its the effect it has. The blow to my self esteem really. And I do know what I want, I also make it clear but they act interested and leave once I might be considered for something more substantial. I'm just not the girl a guy wants to be with. Its a fact and its fine, too numb and tired of giving a s***. But thank you nonetheless, its good advice for people who are going through a basic heartbreak.