Why did she ask for my number and then not check and see if I gave it to her?

I've been talking to a girl on a dating site and I set up a date for us, but we hadn't yet exchanged numbers so she asked for mine. I figured she would send me a text once she saw it, but she hasn't even read the message yet. We agreed on a time and place to meet, but it would be nice to have her number in case something happens. We agreed to meet at the place, should I still meet her and see if she shows up? Girls, have you ever went on a date with a guy and not given out your number to him?


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  • Either her profile is fake or she simply wants to protect herself from being forced to continue the communication after unsuccessful date.
    Go there, have a friend available at that time, in case she doesn't show up.

    • She cancelled on me a couple hours before we were supposed to meet.

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