Does he want to be more than FWB?

If a guy who was only friends with benefits suddenly starts talking about how he wants to make love to me and wants to be with me. . . does it mean he's having feelings for me? He's never used the words "making love" to me before and when I said to him that "making love is much more intimate," he said he knew that. Then I told him that if he wanted to be more intimate like that we should date and know each other more and he agreed. I guess I'm just looking for affirmation as I think he's starting to have feelings for me beyond just being friends who fuck around from time to time.


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  • Yeah he wants to date hahaha. I mean if you wanna date him sure but he started easy so how easy is he gonna be in the relationship? Just something to think about ;) good luck home salami


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  • If he's smart he'll grow up and leave this situation in the past, he'll stop being lazy and take the risk with a "woman" who wants something deeper.

    • i'd like something deeper. not 100% sure if he does

    • Well you didn't make the optimal decision to start off with.

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