If u were getting to know someone for a possible relationship, but u didn't have a label yet, would be okay with them having a FWB?

Something I recently went threw.
I was talking to this guy for three weeks before I found out. He wanted to keep it even though we were talking about being together and getting to know each other. I tried to not think about it. It how could I not. The guy I'm getting to know. And he's currently fucking another chick.
Just seeing What others would do.

  • I would continue getting to know the person even tho they are keeping their friends with benefits
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  • finding out they had a friends with benefits would be my cue to leave
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  • 😁 Absolutely NOT okay!! Wait if you didn't get it the first time I would ABSOLUTELY NOT BE OKAY with it. Just to make it clear.

    I will not date a girl like that in a millions years!
    You can castrate me after connecting electric prods to my genital area before I'd even consider that!!


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  • friends with benefits is just dumb idea for me it's pathetic to even think about it


What Girls Said 1

  • I would leave them so fast it would make his head spin because I know I deserve to be a real girlfriend and one and only.

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