Describe Your Ideal Mate?

My friends say that I have high standards. People often shit on me when I tell them I am not interested in big women and tell me I am wrong. People also shit on me when I tell them I am not interested in black women (I am black).

I have had quite a life, and I am more mature than most of my peers. I am educated. I don't party. I am still a virgin. I enjoy quiet pursuits. Yet, at the age of 23, most of the women I come across are into partying, already have kids or choose stupid men. It just makes it very discouraging for me to find a good match.

Here is my ideal girlfriend:

-She would be educated. No kids. Likes to go out (not party). Enjoys reading.

-She would care about her looks (without being vain), enjoy dressing up and looking nice (fashionable) and likes to work out and stay in shape.

-She wouldn't be obsessed with going out all the time and wouldn't mind just staying inside some days... just watching TV/movies, cuddling, cooking together, playing video games/board games and just talking.

-She would be very caring, kind, have goals in her life and do things to achieve those goals.

Describe your ideal mate.

I also want a girl who doesn't take a million selfies of herself! Lol.


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  • Your standards are fine! And not unrealistic, I know several girls that would fit that criteria. Just keep your eyes open!

    -He would open doors for me, small stuff like that makes me feel wonderful inside.
    -He would be okay not partying because I don't care for that scene too much.
    -He would be okay being woken up in the middle of the night, I have nightmares.
    -He would be a virgin, like me.
    -He would surprise me sometimes, with like chocolate or food or whatnot. I like food.
    -He would talk to me about the relationship so I always know what's going on. Communication is key.
    -He would be Christian, preferably catholic like me but it's okay if he isn't.
    -He should be somewhat fit. Doesn't need to be a Crossfit extremist, but in shape.
    -He could make me smile.

    Wow... I have a long list... O. O


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  • ~He would have to be white. (Not that I dislike other races or anything. I'm just not attracted to them)
    ~In shape
    ~He doesn't have to be a virgin, he just has to understand that I'm waiting for marriage.
    ~No douche bags allowed.

    And that's basically it!

    • Unrealistic especially about the waiting for marriage think just right there i think you cut your potential candidates in a tenth.

  • FOR A GUY.
    - They would have to be smart. at least graduate High School, and alittle bit of college.
    - I like classy guys. Sport guys are fine, but I want a guy who doesn't smoke.
    - Somebody to work out with and laugh with. Be funny, just not a try hard.
    If I had to pick from race, I like any type of guy but I think mixed guys are attractive!

  • - Loyal,
    - Possessive,
    - Intelligent,
    - Gentleman,
    - Dirty-minded/kinky,
    - Likes to read!
    - Likes to play soccer. (optional)

    i know it's unrealistic but oh well

    • Thats not unrealistic

    • Actually, you pretty much described me XD. Including the soccer thing... I played for a league within my community for years.

    • @asker nice one! for some reason i think it's really hot to be able to play soccer.
      @AJElectric the first one is.

  • I swear you described me except for the reading part lol! I don't hate reading but I'm more of the artsy fartsy type and spend my Leisure time drawing, painting, etc!!

    • Cool. You and me should date then ;p. Lol.

  • What u are looking for is a typical Indian girl! Indian girls are grounded and don't party a lot, mostly.
    What do u have against partying?

  • someone who isn't black


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