Please help! boyfriend, insecurities?

so the other day me and my boyfriend were hanging out, i took him into the room and told him to sit he said no my moms gonna get mad if she comes home and were in the room. he's 20 but his mom is really religious, and thinks every time were in the room by are selves were having sex. then he was like why can't we just sit in the living room and i said obviously i didn't just want to sit, by the way its been two months since we have had sex. we've been arguing a lot and last time i pissed him off bad and then i found out he was talking to a girl and when we talked about it he said he just did it to piss me off, and i was like you dont do that type of stuff in a relationship. and its like ever since then i just feel like thats what he's going to do when we argue. i dont feel the same anymore when we kiss or hug but i want to. he doesn't compliment me, the other day i caught him smiling at his phone and he saw me so i asked him who he was texting. and he said no one and i asked him why he couldn't just tell me and he said because im always worried that he's doing something and I've been feeling really insecure lately he doesn't show me he's into to me and i dont know how to tell him that and i really do feel bad that i always think that. and i told him my dad cheated on my mom after 27 years of marriage and ever since then i just feel like every guy has it in them and i know i shouldnt. i just really need some advice


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  • There is no other way then texting him about it or saying in person a texting maybe easy but its dangerous what if someone else reads and if you say in person it will not be easy but it will be safe he will give you more consideration , and better if you first prepare. A nice dialogue which comprises your entire apology , with events giving pillars to your relationship, then how much he is important to you and then a slight view of what you want or will be glad to have next in your relationship. after speaking about it in person to him , give him some time like 24hrs to think and what he wants. During saying the dialogue or apologizing speak clearly and with a bit slow and normal pace , as you want him to listen every word you say nicely. and try looking like a million dollar babe at the moment when you apologize


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