Lesbians: Would you ever go out with a bisexual girl?

Hehro!!(: Umm... one of my really close friends came out as gay recently... ;_; We both really like each other... i know it... she knows it!(: But... i think she thinks im gay :( I think there are some issues between the lesbian community and bisexual girls, and how sometimes they may get called greedy, etc? o: Umm.. i dont know... u_u She told me how happy she was that i was gay since i confessed my feelings, but i never thought to mention the fact i was bi :( I guess she automatically assumed? o: My question is... how do i tell her the truth and would a lesbian ever date someone whose bisexual if they really like them alot? ;_; i dont want to lose her :( thank yyou very much!(:


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  • I mean you should just flat out tell her you are bisexual. I don't think she will have any problem with it if she really likes you. On the plus side you are bisexual, so you still like girls, nothing really changes. And yes, a bisexual would date a lesbian I mean a bisexual person likes both sexes so it's only natural for a pair like that to pop up. So don't worry just relax and tell her and don't make a big deal about it, that'll only make the situation weird. A simple "hey I want you to know I'm bi. Is that cool?" will work perfectly!

    Hope I helped you. Goodluck! ^_^


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