I like this guy, he likes me too, what now?

I like this guy, he seems to like me too the fact we spent hours making out (no sex) and he called me babe and held my hands in public, say he misses me and thinks about me etc. He doesn't do this to every girl and not a player. WHAT NOW? Should I initiate "the talk"? If so, how? What do I say? Thanks.


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  • ? If you like him, ask him out...

    • We're seeing each other, I want him to be my boyfriend, what should I ask I dont wanna freak him out.

    • There's no guaranteed way of asking him out without potentially freaking him out... Just ask him to be your boyfriend. If he says no, then you'll have to decide whether or not you'll settle for a fling because that's all it is right now.

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