I don't know this girl. I'm going to ask her out through social media. What do you think?

I went to a school function today. There was a really pretty girl there, and I could swear she was giving me the eye.

This was an official school thing where we did various "leadership" development activities. I don't think I had spoken with her all day, yet during one activity I found her standing uncomfortably close to me. Like, really, really close. I think she was doing it on purpose.

I didn't get anything but her first name, and found her Facebook through another person I met at this meeting. She is single and I'm going to ask her out to lunch or something over Facebook.

So I may or may not run into her again, but I figure the worst that can happen is I completely misread her and she will say no. What are a girl's opinion on this?

To clarify, I AM going to do this. I am just curious how you would feel if you were this girl.


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  • i think it's better to ask her out in person, if you ask her on Facebook you will look shy or you might look like a creep cause you added her without her giving you her Facebook

    • I agree in person is better, but I don't think I'll ever run into her in the near future. If I do it tomorrow, she'll remember me.

      This is a college campus and it's pretty big. If she were in the engineering college, I'd have seen her before. I don't really care if I "look like a creep." It's not really like that. There were only 20 people at this event and we were all wearing name tags. It's not too hard to find people on Facebook.

      And if I do come off as a creep, so what? I'm in the hardcore sciences and she's probably in social sciences or something.

    • oh i understand, then if you don;t meet her in the next few days sure you can ask her on fb, goodluck :)

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  • If I were her, I'd be flattered. You should ask her out to lunch, that's a good idea. It would have been better done in person, however.

    • I totally agree I should have done it then

      It really wasn't the environment for that, but I could have done it after the event. It was a five hour social event where we were stuck indoors in a room with no windows. I started to get really burnt out. By the end I was just ready to leave, and I definitely wasn't the only one since most of the room exited before I and a few others did.

  • yeah go for it ask her to hang out :)

  • I would love it! That's probably what she wants. If not then the worst that can happen is I would think you were weird, tell a couple if my friends about it, but still gain a lot if confidence cause some guy liked me.

    • I don't think I'm worried about her thinking I'm weird. Nice to hear, thanks!

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