Where to Live with my Boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I are looking into moving in together we have been together over a year we are both in school (Bachelor’s degree for my self, trade school for him), both living at home still. My parents are devoirs and I still go back and forth because I have YOUNGE siblings at both (1 and 3) and afraid of hurting my parents feelings. My boyfriend is one foot out of the door and most of the time he is at my house (both). My dad has offered to let us move into the basement with rent (low and with utilities), there is a full kitchen down there and we can dived the room up however we like. This is an awesome deal, my only problem is hurting my mom's feelings, there is no were to move in there so she can't offer but I still feel bad. I know I would be visiting often and definitely have dinner over there once or twice a week.

We would only be living there for about a year to help save for really living on own.

My question is what should we do, live in the basement or getting an apartment else where?

I want actual answers, no you shouldn't be moving in with your boyfriend rants please I know the possible consequences


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  • Apartment elsewhere. Its best to stay away from parents while in a live-in relationship.


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