Trouble getting to the first date

So I've never been on a date and have only talked to a few girls on the phone. So I met this girl who is freakin amazing and I wanna take her out and show her I'm serious and would like to make this dating thing official. Problem is that I've been trying hard as hell to get my license but just keep failing the test and its taking to long. People tell me well you guys can take the bus or meet up somewhere but how do I ask her to do that and is it ok to do that? I mean she is a college grad and not just sum normal girl and I just don't wanna mess this up


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  • Well since you are having a problem getting your license, then just say he I would really like to take you out, and pick a place and say meet me there around this time. not a lot of women have a problem with that. Well I hope things works out!


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