Have you met someone on tinder that you actually wanted to date? How do I go about this situation?

Met a guy on tinder in real life who ended up being really cool and clearly there was a strong attraction to each other in every way. On our first meeting, we talked about all kinds of stuff and joked around a lot. We really seemed to be comfortable with each other. He kissed me goodbye, saying we should hang out more. Then we hung out another time and talked more only this time we sat closer and he had his arms around me. Eventually he kissed me that night and we ended up in the back of my car just making out and pretty much just had our hands all over each other. He was extremely sweet and asked me if i was okay with things. We also just cuddled and that was really cute. I haven't seen him in about 3 days and we haven't talked too much because he is away with friends.

Guys, how do you feel about the fact that we met on tinder? - is this just too good to be true seeing as tinder is known for mostly hook ups? What do you think about this guy and this situation and how can I move this on a bit more? I'd honestly love to date this guy.


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  • Where and how you meet someone is irrelevant. If you are afraid people are going to judge you because you met via Tinder, just tell them you met him at the place you first met in person. If things keep going well with him, don't let how you met spoil anything.

    An observation of mine (from a guy's perspective definitely): successful relationships typically start with physical attraction being obvious and acted upon--that doesn't necessarily mean the girl is giving it up (although it often times happens), but that neither person has any hangups over the other--they're comfortable being physical with each other, and get's the whole "are they attracted to me" thing out of the way, allowing the two to focus on just building the relationship and getting to know each other.

    • You're right. Thanks so much. This really helps. I'm just not sure what to do now.. hahaha

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