Anybody else have a hard time falling in love? What do you do?

I've been in love a handful of times, but it's a very very low percentage of people I've been involved with casually. Whereas many other people I know fall head over heels for every third person they meet.

Is there a way to create attraction and excitement for someone else in yourself?

Is there a way to push emotional connection forward?


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  • You dont fall in love. You have to work for love. No one simply just falls in love. You have to set your mind to it and realize the things you love about the person.


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  • No its a chemistry thing you either get it right away or soon after meeting you cannot push emotional feeling onto someone, and if you come on too strong it can make men back off, just need to take it slowly and see how it progresses!!!

    • I mean pushing MYSELF to develop feelings. Is it possible?

    • No you just need to find people that make you happy and like same things as you want same things out of life. Have you maybe had a baf past experience that unconsciously has your guard up maybe spk to someone who can offer few solutions.

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