Guys have trouble getting a first date; girls have trouble getting past a few dates?

Is this true?

That typically, the hardest part for guys is getting the first date and the hardest part of girls is getting past the few dates?

Because usually girls often have plenty of dating options and as a result can afford to be more choosy with who they go on a first date on as opposed to guys.

And usually the guys who end up getting the date disappear after getting in their pants after a few dates. Girls are less likely to do this because they are more likely to want an actual romantic relationship as opposed to a lot of guys that just want to hit it and quit it.

Of course these are all just generalizations. I am a guy saving myself until marriage and I want nothing but a classic romantic relationship.


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  • I agree with this actually. I also think some girls get emotionally invested quite early and maybe it shows during the first few dates and guys aren't sure yet so they back off? But yes, girls definitely find it easier to get the first date, because its more common for guys to initiate and ask.

    also just generalisations of course.


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  • Girls have it easiest still, I'd rather at least get a chance for people to actually fucking get to know what I'm like and be turned down from that, instead of being judged based on nothing at all.

    • Yeah, I agree man. Girls are still in a better position because even when guys make it past the first date, it's still not often crystal clear. There's still a lot of ambiguity and possible mixed signals, etc.

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    • Man, dating in 2014...

      It's so complicated and shit. Back in the days, it was really simple, a guy and girl that liked each other would meet, go on a several dates, and then BAM - relationship.

      Now, there's all this game-playing, texting games, mixed signals, playing hard to get, power struggle (the person who likes the other less has more power), etc.

      What happened to good ol' simple romance?

    • There's so much ambiguity, confusion, and you know what man? I am not going to let myself get mind-fucked like that. I am just going to keep things simple and not play any of these games, even if that's the "wrong" thing to do according to 2014 dating trends. That will also weed out all the girls who are into this nonsense.

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  • I don't see where all these options are that you are referring to. But anyway, I'm abstinent, so a guy can't "get in my pants" & do a disappearing act.


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