Is not responding to a text always a bad sign?

I met a really great guy about two weeks ago and we both seemed really into each other. We saw each other 3 times the first week we met, and we text every day (mostly planning the next time we would see each other). At the end of that first week, he told me that he was unexpectedly getting relocated to the other side of the country, that he was devastated. On top of that, he was leaving the next day for a week on business, and to go to a friend's bachelor party. I asked what he wanted to do about still seeing each other and he said that he was just too stunned about the move to promise anything right now. We agreed that we would see each other when when he got bak from his trip.

While he was gone, he helped me with some negotiating tips on a new job I am applying for and we text a little bit about how he felt betrayed and hurt by being relocated so suddenly. This past weekend he was with his friends at the bachelor party. I told him I got the job offer and he responded with congratulating me and telling me to go out and celebrate. I thanked him and then asked if he wanted me to pick him up at the airport the next day and give him a ride home. I never got a response to that.

It's been over 24 hours--is it something to worry about? He's never not responded. Could it mean he's lost interest in seeing me? I feel so stupid for worrying about it... but I am I really like him.


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  • Just wait some more time for him to reply.

    • Thanks. I will. How long do I you think I should wait before he's telling me he's not interested?

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  • Well, you're at the beginning of the relationship/dating and he's moving away... so this is a tough one and he may not want to stay a couple because LDRs are not easy, especially without the structure being formed already (long established relationship).

    How is it now though?
    How are you guys doing?