Am I too Intimidating?

in high school i never got asked out by guys yet i was a varsity starter on the basketball team for 2 years, and was in the student council, and a yet guys would only talk to me when my friends are around. i asked my friends why this was and they told me that I'm intimidating... i am a shy girl but i do love to play sports and hunt, and i can be out going. but i am definitely not one who will be overly flirtatious to get a guys attention. does this make me intimidating? or why can i never get a guy to ask me out?


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  • No, it just means they're too shallow to appreciate you for who you are. You're on a whole different level. But you will find a guy who can appreciate you. :)


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  • I'm shy and introverted and I have to say I find shy girls intimidating because I can never seem to strike up a conversation with them without feeling awkward. I find I am able to engage better with girls who aren't shy to start conversing with people as they 'bring me out of my shell'.

    Another reason I find certain girls intimidating is that if they are very attractive or if they appear on first impressions to be conceited or arrogant.

  • Well it could be intimidation but I wouldn't count on that. Sports, hunting and all that stuff is fairly normal. I'm not saying you need to be flirty but reconsider your approach. For instance, it was a good idea to look for advice but maybe ask your friends if you haven't yet.


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