How to overcome the longing for romantic passion?

How do other people push away that drive for sexual attraction and that "in love" feeling?

It's driving me crazy. I still dream about people I was in love with years ago. I know that you aren't supposed to feel that way, but how do you make the cravings stop?


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  • Are you looking for that kind of a relationship now? I mean, it is easy to see how you could think of old relationships if you're looking for that again -- even if you know that those relationships didn't work out for reason.

    • No, I'm not dating much at all really. I don't know why I crave being in love so much, but it drives me crazy.

      My relationships where I wasn't all that in love didn't work out either, btw. I just don't think I'm cut out for it.

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    • Thanks. I'm trying to MH you, but it won't let me. I appreciate it.

    • I initially though you were trying to "manhandle" me.

      It's been a rough Monday...

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