Girls would you date me or have a relationship with me? I'll describe my personality and tell me "Yes/No" and tell me why?

So I will describe my character and tell me what i asked on the title. Im doing this for my own reasons.. see what I can learn from others' opinions and improve on myself. Here I go:

Im shy unless I get to talk with you some times. Then I open up.
I overthink situations.
I have some trust issues due to bad past relationships.
I'm the humorous and (mostly) romantic type
Im the athletic gamer type.
I hang out with friends 2 times in 2 weeks (just because I had a mental trauma and still haven't got over it completely)
I dedicate to my partner when Im in a relationship and I dont take her for granted.
I have given my ex my whole heart. I was not appreciated fully but I still believe we will be together in the future.
When I'm in a good mood I can be a great stand up comedian but Im also a black/cold humorist when im in passive mood.
I'm not the social/famous guy of the school/well-known type.
I would never cheat my ex or future girlfriend.
I am a bit dreamy and creative.
I like to make things like motor model planes and no Im not a geek xD
(Love anime and drawing hehe ^^)
Thats it.

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forget about the ex thing ok? my fault for saying it. just think that i never had that relationship. im just asking if my character is good


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  • Ya sound like a pretty cool guy, but the whole 'I still believe we will be together in the future' thing would make me be inclined to not date you.
    If I met somebody like you and they weren't hung up on their ex I would probably give them a chance.
    Good luck xx


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  • I said no, but only because it really seems like you aren't over your ex yet. Other then that, you seem like a pretty cool dude!

    • yeah i shouldn't really mention this xD anyways its not that im looking for a date. i asked cause i wanna know if girls generally like this type of guy

  • I love anime and gaming too. :) I would date you, but a red flag im seeing is that your not over your ex? (Correct me if im wrong..) I like your senses of loyalty and humor.
    I'm very social, and athletic so as long as you wouldn’t mind branching out and meeting new people.

  • Sounds like the man version of me... XD

    • haha weird and nice to hear there is a person like me in the opposite gender :P

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