Should I Just give up on him or is he still into me?

So I have been kind of seeing this guy but we haven't hung out in exactly two weeks. Its midterm season and he had a lot of stuff due this week but when i asked him to hangout he said yes the night before and our conversation was flowing then the next day waited an hour and a half to respond to my text with a really vague message pretty much saying we couldn't hang out. I just don't know if he's still into me because we rarely text unless I ask him to hangout, but he's told me before he never really hangs out with girls and so won't text them first to make plans. I just really don't know if he's still into me


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  • To determine whether a guy is into you or not, simply judge his effort to be with you. If he does not call/text you a few times a week or attempt to spend time with you in his free time, or fails to reschedule canceled plans with you, he is likely not that interested in dating you.


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