What should I do? Do you think he didn't want to see me?

Yesterday I was at a party... And my boyfriend told me he will tell me when he comes or doesn't make it. But yesterday after the party I heard he was at the main door where the party was but he didn't say a word to me. And I sent him a message saying "Thanks for not coming... u are appreciated. " and he replied saying "anytime" Do you think he forgot to tell me or he just didn't want to see me?


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  • What an asshole. Why would he show up at the party and not tell you? Are you SURE he really was there?

    • Yahhh his friend told me that they came together and they said the party was boring so they had to go. But he could have told me but anyway thanks for that

    • Yeah in that case he's definitely an asshole. Forget him and find someone else. I can understand him not wanting to stick around but two big asshole moves. He told whether he would come or not, and he did NEITHER. Then when he got there he could have said "Hey this party sucks, I'm headed out, catch you later" and he didn't even bother to do that.

    • Awwww thanks for your opinion. So much

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  • Why worry about it? Don't even ask him a thing more about that situation. Ignore it and it will probably drive him mad.

    • Thanks for your opinion... it really counts and makes me feel I deserve better than that

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  • Yes please get yourself a better boyfriend. That behaviour is not the behaviour of someone who respects you at all.

    • Awww thanks for your opinion girl

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