I don't get it where am I going wrong?

Been trying to get back with my ex. I've been making myself look ultra beautiful, been super nice to him, acting like I've moved on, been dating other guys, (I dated two of his friends) THREE of his really close friends have tried talking him into getting back with me (I didn't even tell them to) but he won't do it!!! We have a history of fighting after a really hard breakup (he left me while I was 5 months pregnant with our daughter) I don't know where I'm going wrong!!! I've been making myself look so beautiful and taking lots of selfies on fb, I actually make myself feel like a million bucks because I actually made myself look like it!!! His best friend wants to date me and even told me that I make him nervous lol. All for him!!! What else should I do? I feel so lost. I've tried EVERYTHING. IM GETTING FRUSTRATED!!!


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  • Your strategy to get back with him was to fuck two of his friends? Really?

  • It's over... The ships sailed...

    You are setting a horrible example for your child and you need to stop. You guys had your shot and ruined it. It is over. NEVER will it work out. Period.


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