What to text a girl you just met?

So I've known her for 5 years but we met for the first time in ages like a few days ago. Like it was the first time we properly talked to eachother again. And the signals were all positive.

But I'm going overseas for vacation next month so I guess a relationship is impossible right now? I'll be overseas for 2 months. Also I have many exams coming up so I don't want to spend a lot of time as it would impact my grades (and her grades as well). We are both university students studying heavy workloads.

What should I text her to let her know that I'm still interested? But I don't want to ask her out? Or should I? I have no idea. Asking her out would mean that I would be in a relationship with her and it would be awkward if we don't go out again... (as I'm going overseas).

Any advice would be awesome.



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  • well the question is " what do you want? "
    are you interested in her? do you want to spend time with her or just keep in touch and be friends?
    Going out doesn't mean you have to be in a relationship , it can be just hanging out , doind something fun til you have time to pick it up.
    You're having doubts and second thoughts. I can see you're thinking rationally , but school and going overseas are just excuses. you can keep up your grades and have a relationship. you said she is too studying heavy workloads so... you think you'll get turned down?
    If you feel like you'll be wasting your time getting to know someone, maybe they're just not worth it.

    it's a matter of How much you like her !

    best of luck ! master your courage and give it a try !

    • Hey I really like your answer. I'm interested in her but do you think we should go for dinner? Or is that too relationship-like? Maybe coffee? And do you think it's best to go somewhere fancy? What should I say in my first text to her? I know asking her out on the first text is a no-no.
      Do girls still like calling better than texting for asking them out?

    • Text Her ! something like Hi , ask her how is she doing, how is school tell her to hang in there and then ask her if she wants to meet sometimes and do something fun , you know to forget about school and stress.
      " Hey (name) it's (your name) , how are you doing? hopefully fantastic as usual. how is school? it was great talking to you the other day. it's nice to see a familiar face around here. Maybe we can hang out sometimes and do something fun?

      something like this.
      I'm gad I can help !
      best of luck !

    • Fancy places means a relationship. take her somewhere casual first and see. if you're getting good vibes move on to the next level. not too fast or you'll freak her out !
      go bowling , or skating... a festival , a bookstore... chinatown... somewhere fun. then go for coffee or a meal in a casual places, not too fancy , not too family-like. spend an afternoon together.

      Again ! best of luck !

  • Yeah, I think you should text her, it's important to keep the contact. You could meet her a day but nothing very serious because you're going overseas. Perhaps after those 2 months but in that time keep talking to her.
    Univetsity gives you no free time, unfortunately but there will be exceptions.


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