Is he really busy? Is this just what guys do?

So I have been talking to a guy for a while now and we finally meet almost 2 months ago. We hardly see each other because he is usually working. The thing is the last time I seen him which will be almost a month we talked about maybe getting a place next year and all that. And before I left he asks when he will see me next and everything. So I'm thinking this is so good. Now he really doesn't answer any of my text. When he did he said he was sorry and super busy with work and when I send him pictures he would send one word text saying happy with smiley face. And it's been like that ever since. I don't wanna keep messaging him. I do believe he is busy. But should I be worried? A part of me doesn't because the last time we saw each other we were joking about it and I said well ur always working and he says exactly. So idk.


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  • Doesn't sound like he's putting much effort into this "relationship". If something is important, you MAKE time. I would NOT get a place together with him. You hardily know him.


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