Can I get this guy to like me again?

I had a hookup in March. By April we were texting again. In July he said he liked me and wanted to date me when we were in the same town after summer. I was a little worried because my heart was just broken by someone else and I thought this guy was a player. I told him I don't normally date and eventually he dropped the subject. We hooked up when school started again and he LOVED eye contact during sex (told me outright to look at him) and to cuddle. He started getting pretty busy with school and said (via text) he didn't know if he could commit and isn't good at getting hurt - he got distant, said "idk" a lot. We hooked up again and he was really cuddly and liked to kiss and talk and tickle after sex. But school has been nuts for him, I guess. He said he didn't know what he wanted. I have been running a bit hot and cold in that I start to act a bit clingy because I want to talk to him again (and I want the sex), and then I disappear and try to stop myself from contacting him - because I'm the only one who reaches out anymore. He doesn't ignore me all the time, he responds sometimes and when he can. I'm not sure how to act now. I was thinking of giving him space for a couple of weeks and then trying to start a conversation over reading week. What should I do? What did I do wrong exactly?


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  • you rejected him. he backed off..

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