Do very masculine and dominant kind of guys go for girls like me?

I'm a shy girl but very attracted to confident and masculine guys.

The guys that grab my attention are very ambitious, well dressed, tall, muscular kind of guys. I look for traditional values as well because that is just how I am- placing value on family, spirituality, etc.

I'm shy, definitely. It's not anything that keeps me from doing anything I want to do though. I have friends and I've had leadership roles before.

I consider myself very feminine. I like dressing in a girly but classy way, I have a really petite frame, I'm sensitive and have many other feminine traits- like soft spokenness, for example. I get told that I am really girly a lot.

I'm also very ambitious and I work very hard to achieve my goals. I also consider myself intelligent. I get that I am logical a lot from others.

I frequently get described as very sincere, sweet, cute, introverted, dainty, classy, kind, etc.

I'm conservative in terms of dating and I don't date just anyone. I don't feel comfortable doing physical things unless I know the guy is sincere. I personally don't like casual flings and hookups.

I hope my little description could give you guys some clue as to what I'm like.

The guys that show me attention tend to be guys I'm not attracted to. Very shy guys that lack confidence, or socially awkward guys In a case or two. I have had a player be interested in me.

Im just wondering if I'm doing the right things to attract the guys I like.

Here's a link to the question:

Feel free to give me your honest opinion. I'm no supermodel but I do think I'm pretty.


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  • It depends on what kind of type of girl a guy is into. Personally, i love the shy type of girls I dont know why. Just something attractive about them that makes me want to talk to them more over the outgoing, party-type girls


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  • im one of those guys muscular, masculine and conservative and i have to say you are almost perfect (nobody is perfect) but in my personal i would not date you becuase of this
    1) im christian so i dont gonna date someone in a diferent page.
    2) im not shy but i have a cold heart, im serious, i like ultra happy over the top girls, a girl on fire that can be happy for both and make me feel some warm. dating me is like dating your father/granpa but young and with muscle.

    of course thats my personal case, but im glad girls still like manly old schoold look, usually they only like guys in skinny jeans.

  • Well it sounds like you are not attracting the kind of guys you like too often as you said yourself. The aggressive dominant type of guys sometimes prefer a bit of a challenge, and you might seem to reserved for them to approach or notice, but i can't say for sure with just a description, you might be totally stunningly gorgeous in which case my point wouldn't hold up

    • I do consider myself to be a "challenge" in the way that I'm really not easy. A guy really has to work for me to prove to me he's sincerely interested. The player hung around for a while because he viewed me as a challenge.

      I might be too reserved for them, I don't know. I do feel I'm attractive, I have a nice body and take care of myself. I had a rate me question on here and the majority of responses were really good but I'm not sure how accurate the results are.

      For a shy girl I do think I get a decent amount of attention. Guys do hit on me, look at me, and flirt with me. I do know how to flirt and show interest in guys, If I feel interested.

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    • It might be why you aren't getting a lot of attention from them. Generally the aggressive masculine guys you are into might be having a hard time noticing you in a crowd etc, and then you don't get the chance to flirt/draw them in

    • Hmm thanks for the insight. I always thought the way I dressed was fine. I'll keep what you've said in mind

  • yes, I find those qualities vry attractive

  • Would you be able to handle a Dominant well built manly man? Haha.

    • Lol not sure. But I like those types. Can't help what I'm attracted to

  • I'm a tall guy I tend to like taller girls hurts my back bending down for short girls how tall are you?

    • Lol I'm short :( 5'2

    • my boyfriend is 6'1 and I'm 5'4 it's hard making out in the shower :( but that's basically the only problem.

    • I'm 6 ft I like girls 5'7 up some guys like smaller girls for my friends and I , we like the taller girls . (My friends are the basketball team I'm on. I'm the smallest on the team :(

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  • you're very feminine yet


    goal oriented



    thats interesting bc I've never seen anyone on this site call these things feminine. I do but thats me.

    according to gag. feminine is

    submissiveness vs leadership.

    nurturing vs goal oriented.

    emotional vs intelligent

    supporting your husbands goals


    • I am submissive but I am capable of handling a leadership role. I am supportive and sensitive, and also really nurturing. I do get that im feminine a lot from other people. Everyone I know considers me really girly. I consider myself feminine and I definitely get that feedback from others.

    • i believe you. which is why i thought it was interesting the way you cite to describe yourself. personally i dont think being submissive has anything to do with femininity. its a story guys used to get a built in slave... no one is naturally submissive or we wouldn't have made it 2014. life is tough.

    • For me submissive means I'm more comfortable following. Leading isn't natural. But I can do it, definitely.

      I definitely see where you are coming from.