Confused or running from the truth?

I've been friends with this guy for awhile now and I've always seen him as a brother... until he kissed me a month ago. At the time I wasn't looking for a relationship (or even liking someone) but we kept messing around. I liked it, but then feelings surprisingly started to develop on my end. And by this point we were both on the same page about not wanting to date. But because I already trusted him as a friend, the physical things we were doing intensified my feelings. So I told him. I knew I had to tell him before anything progressed. Annnd he flat out rejected me. He said: "i care about you, but I don't like you like that. I don't wanna like someone because that means attachment and I don't wanna be attached. " Which I got and understood, seeing as I had been in the same boat. But he had told me a very personal detail about his life. Like he has never told anyone before, and I wasn't prying either. He just told me. So it confused me. If I were just a friend he made out with it'd be whatever, but he opened up to me. We've hung out the past few weekends, and I am okay with being his friend. But he still kinda flirts with me. And of course I still like him a bit. So I don't know if he's running from his feelings or if I'm being friend zoned. I'm just all sorts of confused when it comes to him. No other guy has done this to me. Usually I can read them pretty well. But not in this case-.- any advice/thoughts would be great.


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  • Don't friends tell each other personal details? Hell all of my friends know about skeletons in my closet. That's nothing unusual.

    As far as being in the "friendzone", guys never "Friendzone" girls. Guys are never "just friends" with girls. He rejected you because he wants you to be a "friend WITH benefits", and that's not what you want. So , he's backed off out of respect. But I guarantee if you change your mind, he'll jump at the chance.

    • I typically agree about the whole sharing things with friends, seeing as I'm an open book. But he told me that he hasn't even told his best guy friend this particular thing. And he usually tells everything to that person. He could have been lying, but he's never been one to lie. So I dunno.

    • True! But even guys can feel vulnerable sometimes sharing certain secrets with other guys. Either way though, if you are ready for a relationship and he isn't, he may turn his attention elsewhere soon.

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