Guys who stay in touch with their buddies ex?

I'm curious, how do guys deal when their bro breaks up with a girl or whatever... is it like girls, an alliance against the ex or is it just whatever? Cause a guy who dumped me and was a real tool and i fell out obviously after that but his bestest mates who I met and who loved me at the time still wave and say hi to me even though they only ever met me around this ex... its not like we were friends? i dont know.. i find that odd...


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  • The wifes of buddys destroy friendship if one is single. lol that sounded so Chinese Huh?


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  • Girls are expected to hate their girls ex.
    Guys are expected to get over it when their friends don't.
    It's sexist, but that's just how it is

  • Guys don't care, exes are free games. Making anti ex pacts is a bitch move.


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