People said that I have the look? What should I do?

Ok I recently was told by a friend that I have the look who has a bf. not only the girls but also some guys. What should I do? My girl friends told me when we had an honest conversation. She told me that I look very pretty, kind, attractive at some point and have the look who has a bf but actually I don't have a bf right now and never had one before. Then I asked her why does she think that I have a bf she just said that she doesn't know why and her senses told her that.. One of my guy friend friend also agreed with her. He said that my first impression for him is that I was a very kind, cheerful, classy, have confidence in myself and the face who was already taken by someone else. OMG! Why should I do? I'm afraid that I'll never get a bf if this continues. I wanna feel love by someone that I love too.. Pls give me some advices on what should I do!!! :'(


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  • Are you interested in anyone? if not, if you do have that look and is truly confident in yourself, the guys will flock to you just because of that alone..

    • No I'm not interested in anyone else currently.. You really think so that guys will do that with only that?

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    • do you plan on starting a conversation w/ him? sure you should add him..

    • yeah.. but now i just wanna be friends with him.. he already has a gf. I wouldn't want to ruin their relationships. :)

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