Can we blossom into anything?

Me and This guy started hanging out about a month ago. I see him probably at least once a week. (not necessarily planned). majority of time on the weekends. But, I'm not sure if he likes me and sees potential in me being more (dating material/girlfriend material). We don't really text, (or talk otp) most of the time he texts me when he letting me know he will be around or if he wants to makes plans to hang out. Or just random out the blue short conversation. BUT when we are together it's like a totally different situation. He seems extremely interested in me. He likes hugging me a lot, he seems concerned about my mood, He will stare at me for long periods of time (He says he's admiring me). He likes taking pictures with just us. He always compliments me and always sweet. Even when I look a mess during the week he acts like I'm Goregous lol. he invites me to hang out w/his close friends & he will hang out with mines also. He will constantly ask me to hang with him until I accept. but, I haven't actually gotten a date. I don't want to judge his feelings because he doesn't text me often but I also don't want to be stupid and blind. Is there any potential? Should I stick it out or move on? Is it possible he actually has feelings for me or is just messing with my head?
Ps. He is in the military, he goes to work and school for them so this is the reason he says he doesn't text me much.


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  • he just seems like the kind of person who way prefers hanging out in person to talking over text. it seems like he really likes you and if you can accept that texting is not his thing then i really think it could turn out amazing!

    • That's what I thought also. I hope so!! I really like him. Do you suggest I just go with the flow then? I think I can get over the texting thing... & should I not just worry about going on dates?

    • to be honest it seems like dates already without the label! when i was reading your paragraph it honestly just seemed like a date anyway! staring at you? you do NOT do that to someone platonically, you only want to admire someone for long periods of time if you like them! i got with my last boyfriend in a similar way. he never officially asked me out on a "date", we just hung out in very similar ways, ended up kissing.. it just evolved so naturally :) go with the flow!

    • yeah that does make sense! I never had a problem but you know people will say things to me and eventually it got into my head and had me thinking well maybe he doesn't like me like I thought? but thank you!

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