Can't handle the relationship talk but can't handle never talking to me again?

things have been really complicated since he ended a really long term relationship almost 2 years ago, but very serious and like almost 8 years long. we stopped seeing each other for a long time and he called his way back into my life basically. he blew up at me tonight after I started asking him about what we are, he got really upset, and just wanted to leave. we fought for a long time outside, about nothing that made any sense. each one accused to other of ruining what we had, which had been going so great since we started seeing each other again. when I told him if he left I would never talk to him again he said things like please don't say that and I know you don't mean that. I feel like we got a lot of anger and frustration out, but in the wrong way. we ended things by telling the other how much we cared about each other, and how much we had missed each other. I asked him if he wanted me to call him to talk about this another time and he said yes I want to talk about this another time. what do I make of this? I don't know how to talk to him without him flipping out and feeling like I'm trying to manipulate him into something or pushing him. he just took everything I said the wrong way. What should I do?

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I just really want to know what the best way to compromise and talk to him without fighting might be?
I really think he wants to be with me but it's like he associates it with something negative or something, like how his last relationship ended, has anyone experienced something like this?
I really want to be able to get him to talk about this openly?
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  • It's over... remove each other completely from each others lives. You are both bringing each other down. Realize that and move on forever.

    • I don't feel like we're bringing each other down... i just feel like we don't know how to talk through what we want?

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    • you're really intent on this for only knowing about one part, a bad part of our relationship where we got in a fight. I suppose you're trying to help, and that's why I'm asking this question to begin with but I hope you realize you can't possibly be as right as you think you are. I want to get through this with him, not some one else.

    • And how old are you? If you don't mind

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