My ideals in a woman... what does this say about me?

Complicated, bilingual, imperfect, cute, short, dependent, adoring, Mormon, kind, has great hobbies that she is anxious to share with me and equally anxious to learn mine, LOTS of personality, dark hair, speaks Portuguese or Russian (I love Russian language and girls who speak Portuguese are cute), naughty, neat clothes, diplomatic, fair, virtuous, faithful to me.

By the way, when I say naughty I mean cheeky, rebellious, pert. Not immoral!
Oh and also, this is not set in stone, my ideals will probably alter as i get older and it does not mean I would reject a girl just because she is blonde, it is more like a description of what she would be like if I got to choose.


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  • Mormon? The one that allows multiple wives?

    • No they do not have multiple wives. The Mormon church is actually called "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" They have a prophet that gives them a constant flow of revelation and a changing world requires new revelation all the time. There was a period of time when it was advised to take more than one wife, we do not know why. The prophet Wilford Woodruff received revelation at the end of the 19th century that this practice was no longer needed and now if a member has more than one wife, they are excommunicated. (have their membership taken away) Very interesting, huh?

    • wah very different with that tv series they had last time. So are you Mormon believer then?

    • Yes I am. And I can testify that me, my brother, my dad, etc have NEVER had more than one wife. What show was that? The only time we practiced plural marriage was toward the end of the 19th century. None of my ancestors were Mormons then. Hope this helps!

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  • I guess I fit into half of your description.. I'm an Orthodox Christian, my hair is light brown, I speak greek and english, currently learning french and italian and planning to learn russian in the near future. I believe that it's going to be too difficult for you to find a woman who has all those things. You should be ready to make some compromises.

    • Haha, this is just my ideals for now, they will probably alter as time goes on, and in the meantime they are just preferences, I would not mind if she was blonde... I am just wondering what my ideals suggest about me. :)

  • That says you need to take your interview questions with you on a date. There are so many expectation. It's not for the girl, as it's for you. You're risking to get disappointed very often if you search for a girl with all those qualities.

  • where you gonna find a mormon that speaks portuguese or russian?

    • In Russia, Portugal, or Brazil. Did you know there are more Mormons in Brazil than in Utah? They are all over the globe!

    • Im brazilian and never met a mórmon in my life o. o but i just googled it and they really are among us lol

    • Haha, yeah, You need to see what the temples look like they are beautiful! You have quite a few over there, I think the first one may have been in Sao Paulo. Google them!

  • You're quite specific in what you want. Good luck.


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  • Dude you're too young to know what your ideal is. I suggest you experience more of what's out there with an open mind.

    • Haha yeah you are right, just that is what's going on at the mo, what does it say about me? I will probably change in a few yrs. Hehe.

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    • What DO you mean banging her brains out?

    • spend the day doing nothing but having sex.

  • Good luck finding your ideal woman.. Beware, finding your perfect girl isn't guaranteed.

    • Yeah I know, my ideals will probably change in a few years, but I was just wondering what my current ones meant.

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