First date again long time since last tim I did this?

Hey im going on a date with a girl I met on tinder. And to be honest I dont remeber how I do First dates anymore. With my last girlfriend we was old friends so we kind of got together on a party. You know like a one night stand turned into a relationship. :P But know im going on first date. I live in smalltown i Norway so its not so much to do here. Its very beutiful nature here so if it was summer i probabky ask her on a hike. But now the fall has come and in Norway that means storms and rain almost every day, so we are not going to do that :P We agreed to go out on a coffee shop and take a cofee and just talk. And right know im getting nervous in that kind of situation. Some good tips on how to get a successful first date in a coffee shop?


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  • Prepare in advance. If you're worried about silences and not having anything to talk about, prepare some questions in advance, read up on current events, etc


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  • You are doing everything right! Coffee is a great first date. It can give you some time to get to know each other in a stress-free environment. The key is that you want to access her positive emotions. Any question you ask can be asked logically or emotionally. Always go for emotion! Examples:

    Where did you grow up? vs. What's your favorite memory from childhood?
    Where did you go to school? vs. What teacher really inspired you?
    What do you do? vs. When was the last time your boss praised you?

    Hope these help!