Weird situation. Dont know what to do?

If the guy isn't popular among women, never had gf is virgin and and when atractive girl asks him out he agrees, but then starts to avoid her, is there a chance he could have issue in bed? I have a reason to think so. Im sure he likes me.
He said to me that he is shy, but people can handle shyness. Im also shy, but when it comes to relationship i can handle my shyness.
And i can't of course ask him about this.


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  • well i have to say it sounds kinda how you are bringing this but that is not the issue here
    okay well he probably is afraid he will mess it up without knowing it
    or he is afraid that the girl in this case you will hurt him
    so wants to beat you to the punch and mess it up in the hope it will hurt less

  • "and when atractive girl asks him out he agrees"

    Are you referring to yourself?

    • lol yes

    • Why isn't he "popular among women" and what attracted you to him?

    • He had a bad reputation at school, dont know why. So he was like a retard. But i love his personality and the he is

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