Should I be worried about this other guy?

There's this girl I've been talking to for a couple months now, and we've hung out a few times, but we're nothing offical yet (We haven't even kissed or told each other we like each other yet; but we've both hinted at it).

Anyway, the other night on Facebook there was this guy who Photoshopped her head onto a picture of a guy holding a bunch of cats (she loves cats) and then said "I told you I'd do it, so I did!" She liked the status, but nothing more. I remembered this guy from a few months ago before me and the girl started talking; he had screencapped their texting conversation and put it on FB (again, she liked it but nothing more).

I didn't think much of any of this, but then when we were hanging out at her house last night I saw he was texting her, and whenever she got a text she would be silent until after she read and responded to it. Also, somehow we ended up talking about cats and she told me about that photoshopped picture, and how a FRIEND made it.

Needless to say, I got nervous and creeped on his Facebook page today (looks like a total tool btw), and he used to go to her old school but now lives like an hour away from her.

So my question is, should I be worried? She has every right to date this guy if she wants, because me and her are nothing official yet. But obviously, I don't want her to because I like her. However, the fact that she called him her friend worries me, I don't know why.

Any kind of advice would be appreciated!


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  • i mean i always say this, but people should stop waiting for signs and stuff when they want to know something and just ask. be straightforward about it, and don't beat around the bush. just a simple question regarding him. and furthermore, you should probably tell her you like her. the worst she could do is say no, and that sounds awful, but then you don't have to sit around waiting for her next move and move on to somebody who deserves your attention. another thing to consider, do you reallllyyy like her and all you want is to be committed with her? or do you also love her company and do you like her as a friend because sometimes its better to bite your tongue and stay friends, enjoying what they have to offer, than risking the possibility that you might lose her if things go wrong... ok i hope this sorta helps, i hope things work out, good luck :)


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  • Phew this post sums up today's youth very well: Facebook drama, stupid cat stuff, texting. What is with people's obsession with cats online?

    Anyway to get serious, I don't know if I would worry about the guy per say, but the fact that she would stop everything she was doing to answer a text from him while YOU were there is extremely rude. Again, typical of youth today. I would kick her ass to the curb for that reason alone. It shows you're not a priority.


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