Unsure of his intention?

Ok so, long story short, I started talking to a guy I've dated before (11 years ago), it started out great, we had our first kiss and it left me smiling for hours. We originally had plans for the next night but, sadly he had a family emergency. We actually still kept our plans but, just hung out a little later.

Here's where I get confused, I slept with him on the second date (don't judge) since then, we've spoken every day and it's been ok. The family emergency turned into a family death and the past few days have been hectic for him. We have plans for a day this week but, I'm starting to possibly over think and make myself believe that this has now just turned into a booty call type situation. He's contacted me first on most days, he calls me sweet pet names and even though I haven't done much he has thanked me over and over for being there for him through this time.

I need honest opinions. Would a guy put this much effort in if it was all just for one thing?


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  • Wow funny how the mind works. Guy is getting over a death in the family doesn't talk or see you as often and you think your a booty call now? I think your relationship is fine and is progressing the way you want because of the family issue. Once this cools down and you stop your mind from racing and thinking bad thoughts things should get back to how you want it to go. If it's a booty call situation he be calling you at night asking to come over or just talking to you about sex most of the time.


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  • No, he's not after one thing. Put yourself in his shoes, he is going through a lot.. he has just lost a loved one after all. He probably really does appreciate your friendship. Give it some time and try to be supportive; that is of course if you're up to it.

  • maybe he is just nervous so he finds out excuses or he can be a douche bag and he is cheating on you one of these two options

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